One night we visited this site and others so she could read about other couples having sex outside of marriage

One night we visited this site and others so she could read about other couples having sex outside of marriage

Our sex life is the best it has ever been

carbon dating doesn't work

The thing you need to watch out for is making sure he’s in on things. Don’t do it and then tell him later, that’ll make him question your truthfulness. If you do this thing, it has to be for both of you to get off to, not a selfish side trip for you.

The night ended terrible and I thought she was leaving me. She cut me off that night. Not just because of looking at the sites or fantasizing, but she did not want to be that sexual. It was all very dirty and disgusting to her.

I honestly felt hopeless, wishing I had never opened my mouth. Weeks went by with us being detached from each other.

Then, you guessed it, she met a guy online. She kept me in the loop as the relationship developed. She kept saying how much she liked another man wanting her. She got worked up as he begged for pictures of her and told her what he wanted to do to her. Somehow, she thought of him as a gentleman and sent him a dozen or so pictures. She also became very graphic with telling him what she wanted to do with him.

Years of me pushing her to be more sexual came crashing down

Most of the time I was into it, but other times I would get very upset when I read emails or saw the pictures she sent him. She has now agreed to meet him and have a night of passionate sex (provided they “click” when they meet in person). I am excited for her, but still feel bad inside.

The great thing to come of this is my wife is so confident now and is feeling more sexy and sexual than ever. She has blown me away and been aggressive with me. She actually seems to be accepting me. We are talking and liking each other more than we have in years.

For the most part she has displayed no sign of guilt and is trying her hardest to meet up with guy. My biggest fears are that I will loose her to him or that things will go back to the way they were before him.

We both keep saying over and over again how crazy this is. How could her sleeping with another man make her feel better about herself and help our marriage? I do not know, but for know it is working. I also know that if they ever do meet up that he is in for a hell of a night!

Multiple partner sex is not a solution for a broken marriage but many happy couples have found it to be a fulfilling, recreational experience if they play Tagged mobile site respectfully and openly.

There is no hard fast, ‘right or wrong.’ Neither the state nor the preachers have any business in the bedrooms of the public. If you are open, honest and have a strong healthy 1-1 sex life and marriage then there is no reason to not enjoy fulfilling each others fantasies.

I could go on and on about this but the reality is that it works for some but it can be a risky game. To play successfully you need to begin with a strong 1-1 bond and be able to talk openly and honestly to each other. Play safe and realize that having fun is not a sin.

There is a long history of cuckolding, orgy, partner sharing, etc. suggesting that it is human nature. Whether you and your partner choose to repress this desire/need or whether you fulfill those fantasies is a private choice.

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